Rabea Larin

About Rabea Larin

Most of her paintings are an exploration of duality and of different realities. She is fascinated with layers: layers of material as well as worlds overlapping. Rabea generally works from her own photographs, not in order to produce realistic images, but to explore the gap between these images and the underlying experience that prompted them.
An example of this is the series of ‘North’-paintings, which was inspired by a trip to Lapland and addresses an underlying tension between empty landscapes and traces of human life. One has the sense within those works of an unknown narrative, a journey in which a person is lost.
Her exploration of the wilderness and its relation to the absence of humans often leaves us with an impression of unease. The shimmering silver surfaces of her paintings have echoes of the light contained in a Hammershoi interior. Her painting style and the atmosphere it creates also draws on the work of Whistler and Munch.

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